Lab Manager position open!

We have a position open for Lab Manager. It will be a really diverse job with a mixture of admin, supervision, lab work and fieldwork. The position is based at the Naos Island Laboratories in Panama. For more information about the position, including a brief description of duties and requirements, and information on how to apply click here.

For further information just write to me!


New opportunities in the O’Dea lab

We are looking for three new interns/fellows to join the O’Dea lab. For more information download the flyers here: opportunities in the O’Dea lab

Project 1 (one position). Interoceanic differences in energy flow. Position open now, send CV and cover letter to

Project 2 (two positions). The ecological, life history and environmental differences between Holocene and modern Caribbean coral reef fish assemblages using fossil otoliths. To apply follow directions on the flyer.