Irene Kopelman

In 2016, artist Irene Kopelman brought her unique and endearing perspective of nature to our science.

Irene built her “Underwater Workstation” where she used fossils from our lab and living organisms with Andrew Altieri’s lab (including two live mangrove root systems covered in sponges, ascidians and other creatures) to reflect on (amongst other things) the surprising similarities between the processes of science and art. Read more about Irene’s underwaterworkstationScreen Shot 2016-12-05 at 19.08.46.png



Kristin Bell

Scientific Illustrator


The lab was lucky enough to have the excellent scientific illustrator Kristin Bell.

Kristin worked closely with several members of the team. She tackled the tricky concept of illustrating how Caribbean coral reefs have degraded based upon quantitative data from our research.

She also effectively illustrated how damselfish garden in thickets of staghorn coral, and how the behaviour is preserved in the fossil record

damsel garden.jpg