Research Idea Prize

The 37th Scientific Conference Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean was held at CARMABI marine biology research station in Curaçao.

Our group presented a suite of posters and talks, and on the last day we were selected to receive Carmabi’s 60th Anniversary Best Research Idea Prize. The prize is to stimulate research in Curaçao by helping them include CARMABI in their research program. We will be returning to beautiful Curaçao to collect fossil and modern samples to reconstruct pre-human baseline communities of coral reef fish.

Presentations at the AMLC

Cramer K, Norris R, O’Dea A. Reconstructing historical change in Caribbean reef ecosystems to pinpoint mechanisms of recent reef decline.

Norris RD, Trumbo S, cramer K, O’Dea A. Fish teeth as an ecosystem proxy: biodiversity and productivity of the ancient Caribbean.

Dillon E, O’Dea A, Cramer K, Norris R. Reconstructing Caribbean shark baselines using fossil dermal denticle assemblages.

Hynes M, Lukowiak M, O’Dea A, Norris R, Cramer K. Millennial-scale ecological change in Caribbean sponge communities.

O’Dea A. Evidence of evolution in Strombus caused by prehistoric harvesting.

celebrating at Carrie Bow Cay